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Twin Turbo 360 was founded in 1999 by Mark Geddy Smith, a New York born-and-bred entrepreneur who's best described as an "army of one". Combining a keen business acumen with an inherent ability to recognize and promote talent, along with a unique creative and artistic flair, Mark Smith is both a bundle of energy and a force to be reckoned with. His insight and drive might just be the most valuable asset to your emerging (or established) business plan, helping you hone your concept and formulate a vision, all the while considering not only the possibilities of growth, but the consequences of failure.

The son of a consummate NYC businessman, Mark Smith began to understand business structure and tactical thinking from a very young age, while working for the multiple companies his father established in the city. "I was taught to anticipate all outcomes, but devote my energy to what is probable. There's a difference between gambling and calculated risks," Smith says.

Smith's talents are truly multi-faceted. Besides his tireless entrepreneurial spirit, he's resourceful and tenacious, approaching every business situation and decision in a tactical way. Beyond "book smarts" (Smith took extensive coursework in sales, advertising, design and rhetorical writing during college) and the influence of the "determined-to-succeed-by-any-means-necessary" attitude instilled by his father, Smith actually credits much of his marketing insight to the experiences he had during college working as a bartender in Manhattan. " In retrospect, it was far more than serving drinks," Smith recalls. "It was the study of human behavior—up close—and it became the foundation of the most valuable skills I possess. I think those experiences helped me to understand the way people hear things, and that it's not always what you say that folks actually hear. Understanding the way people process information—whether as body language or spoken word, is key to succeeding in business."

The philosophy around which his Twin Turbo 360 enterprise was established involved applying all of Mark Smith's traits and experiences to his consulting approach. "It's an addiction, and the results are worth far more than the money—it allows me a sense of accomplishment on a daily basis and an opportunity to learn about so many industries. Rarely are two clients alike, and if it's a baker who wants his cakes on supermarket shelves, or a chiropractor looking drum up more clients, I can help both, and on both ends. I can help a model get into an agency or an agency get high-caliber models. My loyalty and dedication is the same."

Smith believes that both he and Twin Turbo 360 are just now hitting their stride. "I've been a developer, owner and seller of multiple companies in various industries... but I'm bold and determined. I have a real passion for helping others and creating with only minimal resources at my disposal. I'm truly at my best with a tight budget and immense pressure. However masochistic it may seem, that sort of thing really motivates me and gets my fire brewing."

The key, Smith posits, is to tame those "flames" and not get burned, to trail-blaze all the way, but in a balanced manner. He expects a lot from his clients, but is committed to delivering the same. And his talents have enabled him to further enhance the broad reach of Twin Turbo 360 by connecting with and cultivating a carefully-chosen team of professionals that work in conjunction with the agency. When he boasts "I know who to call, what to say, and how to get the job done," he delivers the line with such enthusiasm and charm, you can almost see the winking emoticon in his face!

"When people ask me what I do, I say I'm a consultant or a 'business development' guy," Smith relates. "What I really do is create, fix, prevent, and improve things. I'm a dynamic problem solver... perhaps I'll just put that on my business card!"

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